A couple years back I started something new. A real life, 9-5, office sitting, screen staring, never stop working, grown-up job. I was thrilled and terrified. I was 23, fresh out of college and fresh out of a really defining relationship. I had just graduated college and I realized I didn’t know anything. Somehow I had convinced a team of creatives that I was a creative too! I was, wasn’t I? I had spent the past two years designing and making costumes for countless plays. Surely I had some creative talent didn’t I? My first couple weeks designing at Cricut were challenging. Being creative on demand was something I wasn’t trained for. Everyone I worked with was so talented. I had no idea why they hired me. My mind was full of negative self talk. Finally I realized with thoughts like that I wouldn’t stay at this job long. I thought, “Dez, freaking just trust yourself.” Finally I shoved all those ideas that I was untalented, uncreative, and boring into a little jar and put it in the deepest nook of my closet and I created something that was me. You know what?

It turned out just fine.





The responses to this dress at the Cricut Explore launch event were just wild.

Check it out:

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 8.36.44 PM


Trust Yourself

Copyright Cricut

Project by: Desiree Moss
Photography by: Heather Price

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